Fire Danger Status

This page lists the current Fire Danger Status for Porirua City.

Current Fire Danger Status: HIGH


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  • Interpretation of the various stages on the fire danger sign.

    Low, Moderate and High Status
    • Approved incinerators may be used without the need to obtain a fire permit.
    • All other fires in the open air i.e., bon fires require a fire permit to be obtained before lighting.
    • As the fire status moves to Moderate the issue of a fire permit is subject to the Council Officer's discretion.
    • Things affecting the issue are topography, wind, closeness to vegetation etc.
    High and Very High Status
    • This status means fire conditions are approaching the stage when a total fire ban will be declared.
    • Approved incinerators may still be used without a fire permit.
    • Open air fires will generally be granted a fire permit in special circumstances only.
    Extreme Status
    • A Total Fire Ban will generally be imposed.
    • Incinerators and all open air fires are generally prohibited.
    • A special fire permit may be issued for hangi and umu cooking fires.
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  • Get A Fire Permit
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